Cancellation Guarantee Plan

Your Cancellation Guarantee relieves you, as the person making the booking, of the responsibility for payment of your balance of hire if you are forced to cancel your holiday because of:

Death or Disablement (by accidental bodily injury or sickness), of you or any member of your party (detailed by you on your booking form at the time of booking), of any member of your immediate family* or close business associate of you or any member of your party.

Pregnancy (including childbirth) or Compulsory Quarantine of you or any member of your party.

Jury or Witness Service (in a court of law), notification of redundancy (qualifying for payment under the Redundancy Payments Act 1965)

Travel being prevented by Government restriction following an epidemic, unforeseen occupational posting in your present employment or hi-jack of you or any member of your party.

Fire, storm, flood, subsidence or malicious damage rendering your home uninhabitable. Police requiring your presence following theft at your home or place of business. Providing these circumstances have arisen since you made your booking and you can supply supporting documentary evidence, then you will not be liable for the balance of hire monies due on your booking.

To qualify you must notify us in writing immediately the circumstances arise. Our acknowledgement in writing will be evidence of our having received your notification.

In case of multiple or party bookings, ie. where more than one holiday home is booked at the same time, cover is assessed on each Holiday Home individually. Our cover also provides you with a refund of your balance of hire if the qualifying circumstances arise before you leave home for your holiday and when you have already paid your money.


If from the date of the start of your holiday, any of the circumstances listed for your Cancellation Plan above force you to curtail your holiday and return home (you must advise the Reception office before leaving) then once we receive a certificate from a doctor in the holiday area or other documentary evidence we will give you a proportionate refund of the balance of hire you paid for your holiday home.

Terms of refund.

Provided we receive written notice from you more than 10 weeks before your holiday is due to start, and you are cancelling for one of the qualifying reasons given above, your Initial Payment will be returned to you in full, less your Cancellation Plan subscription.

If we receive written notice from you 10 weeks or less before the start of your holiday and provided you are cancelling for one of the qualifying reasons, then you will receive a full refund less your Cancellation Plan Subscription and a £35 administration charge.

Written evidence from a professional expert e.g. doctor, surgeon, police etc substantiating your claim must be provided for your claim to be processed.

The decision of Pinelodge Holidays Ltd. on all claims will be final.

*Partner (spouse, civil partner, or somebody of either sex living as though they were their spouse for at least 3 months), parent, brother, sister or child.